Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary

What's on in Peterborough, south Lincolnshire, north Cambridgeshire, east Northamptonshire, west Norfolk & even east Nottinghamshire & Rutland

(approximately south of Lincoln, north of Cambridge, east of Uppingham & west of The Wash)

 Coronavirus: assume that everything is cancelled. If in doubt, contact the organisers to check.

The Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary is a community facility - free to use and to appear in. Please tell people about it and help support live music. Please be sure to tell the venue organisers you are there because you saw them here!


Click on the Index on the left hand side to navigate.  If travelling to a new to you venue, why not contact them, in case anything has changed and they haven't told us?  

If you would like to advertise an event for free or need to tell us of an event or change we will be happy to hear from you - please email us at


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