Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary

The 2019 BOURNE TUNE BOOK contains 503 tunes, with chords. initially published for the assistance of those who attend the regular monthly Traditional Music sessions at the Hare and Hounds, Haconby, near Bourne; for the music students of me, Pete Shaw; and a help to other amateur musicians. 

It was printed and sold for about £14 per copy, but has long since sold out so I (Pete Shaw, the Editor) decided to make it available for anyone to download and print if they like - entirely free!

The download is available at 

Also available with it is a download of Chord sheets, for those playing guitar or keyboard.

Also available is a Cheat Sheet, with the 1st two bars of everything.

A 2022 Bourne Tune Book is on its way - I have 350 tunes sorted out of 500+ needed.

Any queries, contact Pete Shaw on 01778 571563 or