Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary


 FOR SALE - Pete Shaw is selling off a wide selection of instruments and gear - all pictured & described on the Peterborough Folk Diary's For Sale page here -  and all at low prices to shift it - half has gone already. In particular, 5 assorted very good quality violins, three pictured below. Also 3 melodeons, a guitar, a 5 string cello, and loads of other useful kit, at very low prices. The two violins to be photographed and described yet are: a lower price (but perfectly playable) Viola, and another high quality violin. They will appear here shortly. Some violins have permanent or removeable jack sockets. There's loads more besides violins.  

FOR SALE -  5 string cello (C, G, D, A & a top E string) complete with built in pickup, preamp and an equaliser unit - it unusually includes an excellent hard but light case with handles, backpack straps and wheels, and a bow - cello was damaged but has been professionally repaired and plays a treat - With the extra string being a high E, this is ideal for violin players as well as viola players.  Pete Shaw price £400 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - Sonic Classic full size violin K10-009 incorporating built in bridge pickup, battery compartment and jack socket - one piece back - sounds good acoustically or amplified - current RRP new £995, Pete Shaw price £595 01778 571563



FOR SALE - un-named German violin with L R Baggs bridge pickup and jack socket - I have been told that the violin is probably made in the 1870's but there is no date in it - the pickup does not affect the acoustic sound of the violin  - sounds good acoustically or amplified - if a violin without pickup is preferred, the bridge can be switched for a standard one & the Carpenter jack on the side removed as it is held in place in the same manner as the chin rest (LR Baggs bridge & jack socket currently retail around £170 - Pete Shaw price £595 - 01778 571563



FOR SALE - Gear4Music 3/4 size violin - £35 - Pete Shaw price £35 - 01778 571563


FOR SALE - Barnes & Mullins Viola - with bows, and probably case, if I can find it - £100 - pictures to follow - 01778 571563


FOR SALE - Hohner Pokerwork melodeon in the keys of G/C - with accidentals - you see many of these on sale 2nd hand, like this one, at £550-£600. This one is going for £450 - 01778 571563

GC melodeon

FOR SALE - Hohner wooden-bodied 2 1/2 row melodeon in C/F - the reeds are a little more mellow than D/G boxes and a delight to sing with, and a joy to look at - the 1/2 row of 4 buttons are the notes (push/pull): Ab4/Bb4, F5/Eb5, E5/F5 and Ab5/Bb5 - some of the reeds needs tweaking - price £450 - 01778 571563

CF melodeon

FOR SALE - Hohner Erica melodeon in the keys of D/G - with accidentals - the left hand 3rds have been muted with sellotape over the holes; it's the work of a few minutes to take it off and restore them if you like - the melodeon is old but eminently playable - the right hand keys have been padded so that they do not sink down as much as new machines - there is a microphone system inside for both the left and right sides, leading to a 1/4" jack socket - this one looks battered, but still works perfectly - a fitted soft padded carrying case, with a shoulder strap is included in the low price - the weight of the melodeon & case, but no wrapping, is about 4 kg - price £350 - 01778 571563

Erica 1 Erica 2


FOR SALE - Tanglewood guitar with built-in pickup - £70 - 01778 571563

Tanglewood Headstock

FOR SALE - Case for full size violin, with carrying shoulder strap -  Pete Shaw price £25.00 - 01778 571563


FOR SALE - Hiscox hard case for full size violin, with black cover and shoulder carrying strap - Pete Shaw price: £35 - 01778 571563



FOR SALE - Lightweight JTL case for full size violin - Pete Shaw price £25 - 01778 571563


FOR SALE - 3 good quality microphone stands, all working properly and with microphone holders attached. All £10 each, one with a fitted carrying case at £12 - 01778 571563

Mic stand  

FOR SALE Intellitouch Freedom One wireless unit - The Freedom One is a neat floor wireless unit, which can also operate as a tuner pedal. Tthe Freedom One’s receiver is tucked nicely into a pedal; the transmitter plugs int the jack socket on your instrument. The tuner can be used simultaneously with the wireless, or it can be used as a standalone pedal tuner. Floor unit PP9 battery or mains powered. Transformer not provided - best results on battery. Internet new price: £87.00, Ebay used price £49.95. Pete Shaw price £39.00 - 01778 571563



 FOR SALE Line 6 Relay G30 wireless unit - 30-metre range, line-of-sight. Broad 10Hz–20kHz frequency response; Superior 118 dB dynamic range, 8 hours of battery life (AA alkaline batteries). Comes complete with transmitter, receiver (rugged polycarbonate shells) and all necessary accessories including cable and power supply. 2.4GHz band. Gives choice of 6 channels. Has cable length to amp settings. Internet price £120 + £5.50 p&p. Pete Shaw price £50 - 01778 571563


 FOR SALE - Fishman ProEQ II combined pre-amp and equaliser - designed to make your guitar or other instrument sound great - 4 band EQ, volume control, input gain & sub-bass controls on the back with a belt clip - Ebay price £100, Pete Shaw price £30 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - L R Baggs Para Acoustic DI - This unit enhances any acoustic pickup for a fuller, more complex sound - the Para DI features a 5-band EQ with a tuneable midrange and notch, variable gain control for passive or active pickups and a high-quality DI output for a pristine signal to the board - Ebay price £70, Pete Shaw price £30 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - Mooer Pure Octave pedal - The Mooer Pure Octave uses proper octave phase technology (as oppose to digital pitch shifting) to ensure the octave effects are completely pure with little to no distortion or artifacts! Perfect for creating awesome sound effects or teaming up with other effects for outrageous tones! Precise polyphonic octave effects with no distorted sound, 11 different octave modes - internet price £55, Pete Shaw price £20 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - Mooer Pure Boost pedal - The Mooer Pure Boost doesn't just stop at giving you a footswitchable gain boost: three mini-knobs allow you to control the amount of treble and/or bass that's boosted as well as fine tuning the volume boost. Boost guitar FX pedals are great for giving you more volume for solos or for driving tube amps into natural overdrive -  internet price £55, Pete Shaw price £20 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - 3 Mooer tuner pedals - work with most electric or electro-acoustic instruments including 7 string guitar or 5 string bass - display uses 108 high brightness LED's and is visible even in strong light/sun - internet price internet price £50, Pete Shaw price £15 each - 01778 571563


 FOR SALE - Fuzz pedal - T-REX Fuzz pedal - PP9 battery/mains. Knobs are: Fuzz, Tone and Level. Internet price £77.37+ £17.53 shipping. Pete Shaw price £30 - 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - 2 x MTR DI-2 DI boxes - each one can convert one or two signals from inefficient jack cables to high quality XLR for a desk - internet price £94 each, Pete Shaw price £30 each - 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - SoundLAB SAB20 - allows two separate outputs from one instrument! Pete Shaw price £10 - 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - CABLES - I have many many cables of every type and every length, which I have not yet catalogued or photographed. These include Jack to Jack (6.3mm) cables, XLR to XLR cables, the odd Phono to Phono cable, the odd Phono to Minijack (fits your mobile phone) - Pete Shaw 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - CONNECTORS - I have many different connectors at silly prices, allowing an XLR cable to be plugged into a jack socket, a jack cable to be plugged into an XLR socket and others - the photo of the many connector plugs available also will not upload; has to be seen - Pete Shaw - 01778 571563


 FOR SALE - Instrument holders for a mic stand - 1 - Left to right: 2 violin/mandolin/banjo holders (one guitar/bass guitar holder now sold). Pete Shaw price: £7 each, £12 the both - 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - Instrument holders for a mic stand - 2 - 2 x K&M15580 Violin holders, currently on sale at for £18.40+£8 shipping each. Pete Shaw price £7 each - 01778 571563

 FOR SALE - Instrument holders for a mic stand - 3 - Left to right:  Swing String violin/mandolin hanger £20.53 on Amazon, Pete Shaw price £10.   Misc Violin holder Pete Shaw price £7. (Drinks holder now sold) - 01778 571563

FOR SALE - 3 different violin stands - left to right £3 & £5 - 01778 571563



FOR SALE - Tiger collapsible music stand - internet price £16.99 + p&p, Pete Shaw price £5 - 01778 571563


FOR SALE - Rocktek pedal board - a convenient way to carry your pedals - the Power Bank transformer and the connecting wires shown come with the board, the pedals are being sold separately - Pete Shaw price £25 - 01778 571563



FOR SALE - StudioSpares cable tester - tests  Speakon, XLR/f-5p, XLR/f-3p, Jack 6.3mm, Jack 3.5mm, Phono, CAT5 phone and DIN - 3P/5P/7P/8P cables - internet price £119.0 + p&P - Pete Shaw price £8 - 01778 571563

FOR SALE Maui 28 speaker system comprising bass speaker and two treble speakers, 2m high approx when assembled. Good condition and full working order. Would suit smaller bands and traditional instruments, also ideal for solo and spoken word performances. Offers invited around £300. Please contact Alan on 07771958497 for details.

Maui 28_1 Maui 28_2


 FOR SALE - Unique CD "Nowt's the botha" by local singer BRIAN KELL, BEM

"Life they say is a journey. These songs are a small representation of my song list but they are important to me in a personal way, reflecting my journey in the world of folk song and dance. I have always considered myself to be a singer which may surprise some who see me as an administrator. I have felt for a long time that the first half of my life life was spent making my way to Whittlesey where I have lived for the past 40 years. The songs do not reflect crossroads (they were provided by the Land Registry) but are viewpoints on the way. I am oh so grateful to Douglas and Rebecca for kick starting this project and for the support, love and advice Christine has given over the years. The title is a phrase used regularly by her grandfather, George Barker, meaning “No Problem” Brian Kell

CDs available from Brian Kell, £7 incl p&p 01733 208245

 FOR SALE a very nice German full size violin for sale with Jargar strings and tailpiece adjusters, no cracks - it comes with a bow, no case - £275 - 01636-686835   












 FOR SALE - the Morris Books £20 the pair, and the Country Dance Books £20 the 3 - contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)

FOR SALE - a full size violin, made by Barry Ford of Northamptonshire in 1994 - £1,600 - contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)

For sale Ford violin 1

 For sale Ford violin 2

FOR SALE - an oboe - Triébert system - 1840 - 1870 - £230 -  contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)


FOR SALE - a full size violin, made by R A Stanley of Manchester in 1917 - £400 -  contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)

For sale Stanley violin 1 For sale Stanley violin 2

FOR SALE - a full size violin, made by Wilfrid Tiller, Martock, Somerset in 1975 - £350 - contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)

For sale Wilfred Tiller violin 1 For sale Wilfred Tiller violin 2

FOR SALE - a two-row diatonic button accordeon (often called a melodeon) - tuned in the irish fashion, in keys of C and C# so that every note and key is accessable - £65 - contact Alan Roberts 01354 656208 (March, Cambs)

For sale c c melodeon 1


 FOR SALE - a pair of used wedge-shaped AC Euro floor monitors, 100 watts, electrically tested, excellent working order - £80 - Dean Hardy 07788 410530

Deans Monitors 600 x 267












Pig Dyke Molly wanted poster



























 FOR SALE - Stagg electric violin only used a few times as I have bought a 5 string for performance now. Comes with a case and rosin.  £130 when I bought it new the price was £225


 Body & Bridge -  Body: Solid Maple

  • Body Shape: ‘S’ Design
  • Scale Length: 325mm
  • Total Length: 590mm
  • Bridge: Maple
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Colour: Metallic Black

 Neck & Fingerboard -  Neck Material: Maple

  • Fingerboard: Solid Wood
  • Fingerboard Colour: Ebony
  • Neck Finish: Satin

 Electronics & Hardware -  Equaliser Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass

  • 3.5mm Inputs: 2
  • 7mm Outputs: 1
  • Tailpiece:Metal with Fine Tuners
  • Saddle: Black Plastic
  • Nut: Synthetic Bone
  • Pegs: Black Plastic

 Anne Brown, Burnham & Brown Properties, 65 Windsor Road, Yaxley, Peterborough PE7 3JA 01733 241006 07802 403551