Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary

                                                   FOR SALE & WANTED:

 FOR SALE - A  Castagnari Hascy two row, 21 button, one stop, 3 voice treble melodeon in D & G. Is in very good condition (see photos). £1,900. These are being advertised new on the internet at £3,195.

Can be tried / delivered if within reach of Spalding, Lincolnshire. Contact Pete Redman at 01775 820340 or 07415 033979 or


























 FOR SALE - Trace Acoustic TA100R amplifier - SOLD


Musicians who want to try West Gallery music - violin, viola, flute, oboe, clarinet - even those a bit rusty. Contact Pete Shaw on 01778 571563 or email here

WANTED - musicians to play for the acclaimed Molly Dance group "Pigdyke", based in Peterborough. See their website at   to get an idea of what they do. Practices Monday evenings in Park Road, Peterborough. Ring Tony on 01733 345883 for details. It's tremendous fun. What instrument you play may be immaterial!

 FOR SALE - Beginner's violin kit, complete with full size violin, with adjusters on all four strings, to make tuning easier, bow, immaculate carrying case including a shoulder strap, and even rosin. Price £50, buyer collects. Pete Shaw 01778 571563Beginner violin front

Beginner violin backBeginner violin case












FOR SALE - Samsung SyncMaster 940N 19" LCD computer display - SOLD

FOR SALE - Samsung T22B350 21.5" widescreen LED TV / computer monitor, with built-in digital TV tuner - SOLD


FOR SALE by Alan Roberts 07583 628637:

- Violin made by Barry Ford £2,000

- Chinese fiddle £30,

- Violin unnamed £400

- Oboe £260, with reed

- Musette £195, with reed

Oboe & Musette