Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary



WANTED - musicians to play for the acclaimed Molly Dance group "Pigdyke", based in Peterborough. See their website at   to get an idea of what they do. Practices Monday evenings in Park Road, Peterborough. Ring Tony on 01733 345883 for details. It's tremendous fun. What instrument you play may be immaterial!

 FOR SALE - Trace Acoustic TA100R amplifier in almost perfect condition (one plastic knob missing). All works perfectly. 100 Watt amplifier powering four 5'' speakers, specifically designed for acoustic instruments.  2 Channels - Channel 1 has 2 1/4'' inputs, gain, low and high. Channel 2 has a balanced XLR input and gain control. Common 5 band graphic EQ.  Notch filter. Phase switch. Phantom power for microphone with an additional input. Balanced XLR direct line outputs. Effects send and return sockets & much more! This one is in very good nick because it is kept in, and comes with, its own custom flightcase / trolley. Can be used on the trolley with the lid off, or on top of the trolley & lid - ask for photograph, or pop over to Bourne to see & try it. The sound quality for acoustic instruments is stunning - it provides a warm sound. Full manual and mains lead with it. As I write this, there's one on Ebay for £450 with no case. This one now on sale complete for £225.  01778 571563 or 

Trace cropped


Musicians who want to try West Gallery music - violin, viola, flute, oboe, clarinet - even those a bit rusty. Contact Pete Shaw on 01778 571563 or email here

 FOR SALE by Alan Roberts 07583 628637:

- Violin made by Barry Ford £2,000

- Chinese fiddle £30,

- Violin unnamed £400

- Oboe £260, with reed

- Musette £195, with reed

Oboe & Musette